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Esther Yi-Yang _ Ambler Music Academy_ed

Esther Yang


Esther has been playing piano since the age of eight. She holds a degree in Music from SUNY Stony Brook. Music has been a great companion in her life and has provided her comfort through both joyful and challenging times. Her family immigrated to U.S. from South Korea when she was in 11th grade. While the transition was not easy, it actually helped her discover her true love of playing piano. It also led her to teach others, and share the same fulfilling experiences.

During her 25 year teaching career, there have been many memorable moments. One of her favorite memories is from her first teaching job in a nursery school. She remembers the many sparkling eyes learning music for the first time. Ms. Yang has extensive experience teaching students of all ages at various levels. She approaches each student differently and provides a lesson that matches the talent and age. For beginners, five finger practice and theory book learning are coupled with popular song playing to maintain interest while building a strong foundation. For intermediate and advanced students, she teaches classical pieces such as Beethoven Sonatas, Chopin Waltz, Nocturne, Bach, and more. She also teaches semi-classical pieces, movie themes, Broadway musical pieces, and holidays songs. She believes participating in recitals and concerts to be very important for goal setting and motivation building. It also provides an opportunity to celebrate the fruition of hard work with people you love.

Students find Esther very much approachable and appreciate her positive, encouraging and outgoing personality. Having three children, two sons and a daughter, better helps Esther understand and connect with her students. In addition to teaching, she accompanied for church choirs for more than 20 years and elementary schools for four years.


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