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Students may register for private lessons at any point in the semester. ​

New students and parents are encouraged to schedule an in-person or telephone consultation with the School's Director as part of the registration process. These consultations are provided at no charge and help ensure the appropriate placement, scheduling and orientation to the program, as well as provide information on important Academy policies and procedures.

Our registration form includes information about tuition and policies at Ambler Music Academy.

To register, complete the form below.

For more information call



  • Can I register if the semester has already started?
    Yes! You can start your lessons at any point during the semester and tuition will be prorated.
  • Do I need to own an instrument to get started with lessons?
    Yes, it is important for students to have their own instrument prior to starting lessons. We we are happy to recommend places that rent and sell instruments that would be appropriate for your level.
  • What happens if I am unable to make it to a lesson?
    We undestand completely! At the end of each semester we have a built-in make-up week where students are given the opportunity to make-up a lesson that they've missed over the semester.
  • How long of a lesson do you recommend I start with?
    The length of the lesson depends on the age and level of the student. We are more than happy to talk with you about what may be best amount of time for you to start with.
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